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Bad Impact Of Scolding The Child

Educating a child is indeed the responsibility of a more mature person, generally carried out by parents to their children, teachers to students and seniors to juniors.
In educating young children, several techniques or separate arts are needed, because educating a child is not an easy matter. Educating mistakes can have fatal effects on the future of the child as well.

Bad Impact Of Scolding The Child
Bad Impact Of Scolding The Child

In educating, there are times when parents or teachers feel annoyed because the child made a mistake. When a child makes a mistake, the action that is often taken is scolding him, the intent and purpose of being angry with the child is of course good, namely giving understanding to the child.

But scolding a child also has a way of doing it, it has to be done in the right way. Instead of improving the child's behavior, scolding the child in public will have a negative mental impact on the child.

Following are the negative effects of scolding a child in public:

1. Cause Anxiety And Depression

According to Andy Grogan-Kaylor, a professor at the University of Michigan, punishments carried out in public with the aim of making children embarrassed and not repeating their mistakes can actually lead to depression and excessive anxiety in children. Depression in children will make children uncomfortable in doing various activities, become reduced and have difficulty concentrating in lessons.

In addition, anxiety makes children hesitate to do various things, even though childhood is a very crucial period for someone, childhood is a time when children should be able to play comfortably, explore themselves together with their friends. By experiencing anxiety, the child will feel doubtful and abandon activities that should be done easily.
This is definitely not what parents want, right?

2. Potential to Become a Bullying Perpetrato

According to Jennifer Lansford, a researcher at the Center for Child and Family Policy, Duke University, explained that scolding children in public can clearly grow the seeds of children to become bullies in the future, this is because children tend to record experiences they receive, and apply them when interacting in the environment. . Therefore, scolding children in public is certainly not the right thing.

3. Worsening Parent-Child Relationship

Katharine Kersey, professor of early childhood education at Old Dominion University, thinks that punishing children in public will actually reduce the authority of parents in front of their children. Scolding a child in public is not bringing the child closer to the parent, but it will distance him. This is because children who consider their parents to protect themselves, however, embarrass them in public.

Then How To Teach Good Children?

The way to educate children is good by instilling positive things in children, in the right way too. Telabih, to show the seriousness of what parents teach, parents should provide the right example in the family, so that what parents say and do become synchronized.

Sometimes children make mistakes and we have to scold them, so it should be done in a more private place, for example at home or in the car, and using the right words, trying to maintain the tone of the tone so that what is being conveyed can be received by the child well.

That's the explanation of my writing this time, if you want to add or respond? Please submit it in the comments column and see you in the next article.

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