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Benefits Of Having An Older Wife

A mate is who knows, its existence is often seen as something full of mystery and sometimes surprising. There are those who are together for years of dating but are not matched and some are only for a while but end up getting married and living the household together.

A mate is unique because it doesn't look at anyone, some are matchmaking with close people, some are also finding a mate overseas. Then there are also soul mates who are different countries. 

Benefits Of Having An Older Wife
Benefits Of Having An Older Wife

Wherever it is, if it is a soul mate, it is definitely a soul mate and the path seems to be made easier to get to the marriage path even though there are obstacles or obstacles that stand in your way. Of the many love stories, it is not uncommon for men to marry women who are older than him. 

Married to an older woman does have its advantages and disadvantages. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an older wife? the following explanation ..

1. More mature

Having an older wife is usually more mature. Women whose age has reached their head of three are generally mature and different from women who are still in their teens and early 20s, usually women of that age who I see are still ambitious. Whereas those who are older certainly have different thoughts so that when together it is quite cool, even though sometimes household problems still arise.

2. Awkward when being a husband

Having an older wife often makes the husband awkward, especially in the early days of marriage because he is confused about what to call him, being called deck, neng and so on, it doesn't feel right, when he is called sister, teteh and so on it also doesn't feel right. But over time the awkwardness of the wife's age will diminish and even after being together for a long time it is like being with someone who is the same age.

3. Sometimes it is difficult to set up

When a wife is older, her age is sometimes difficult to manage, it could be because her ego makes it difficult for her to be managed by a husband who is younger than her. However, not all wives who are older are like that because at other times they still obey their husbands during that time in a good and positive way

4. The wife who also feels awkward

Not only husbands who are awkward, even wives can be awkward with their older age and sometimes tell their husbands themselves if they remember people who are the same age as their husbands so they feel awkward. Sometimes the wife also worries about her husband who is younger than her for fear of being abandoned by her husband, who might be tempted by other women who are younger than her.

5. Easy to chat with

A wife whose age is older does not mean that it is difficult to talk to, in fact, the older wife is sometimes fun to chat with because of her adult age and it seems as if the conversation is connected when compared to women who are still teenagers.

That's the explanation of my writing this time, if you want to add or respond? Please submit it in the comments column and see you in the next article.

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