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How To Improve Children's Mental Health

how to improve children's mental health
how to improve children's mental health

Still discussing how difficult it was during the endless covid 19 pandemic. It has to do with emotions in parents, right? Because dizzy thinking about how to make ends meet, or even thinking about work in the office too, until finally the child becomes the target. As a result, the children were often scolded.

Often scolding children can mentally disturb the child. Moreover, it is done continuously until countless times a day to scold children. In fact, children need tenderness, children need full love from their mothers. Then what if the violence is often given to children?

But do not become a burden if you have often scolded your children. There will always be a way out if we are to improve each other. There are 5 ways to mentally recover children who are often scolded. Here's the review.

1. Show That You Love Him

When the child feels that he has scolded the child, then don't leave the child alone. Approach him, hug him, and tell him that we love him. Because by making physical contact, the child will automatically be touched to his heart. The expression of affection will make children feel how much their parents love them. Realizing that anger has a reason.

2. Don't be ashamed to apologize to children

Generally we know that in any situation, the one who has the obligation to apologize is the child to the parents. But in this case it's different again, when the parent has scolded the child, they have to apologize. This teaches children, that we must be able to accept and understand that everyone has mistakes.

3. Give Time to Be Together Longer

In fact, that child needs a special time to be with us. Make the child feel the meaning of our presence by his side. Don't let children feel uncomfortable with their parents. So that whatever the parents say makes the child quickly offended.

4. Creating Simple Relationships

Don't be too pretentious, if simple can be fun, why should luxury? As parents, they must explore the world of children. There are times when parents become friends or best friends. That way, children will be more accustomed and open to expressing their emotions.

5. Not Repeating the Same Mistakes

Parents are role models for their children. So parents should try not to repeat the same mistakes. Especially if the parents already understand the effect that will result if you scold children too often. Let's control each other's emotions and take care of each other's feelings.

However, the name human is not without mistakes. But at least we have tried not to always make mistakes. If it turns out that you are doomed to make a mistake, don't be embarrassed to correct it.
That's the explanation of my writing this time, if you want to add or respond? Please submit it in the comments column and see you in the next article.

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