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Spouse Refuses To Sign Divorce Papers

Spouse Refuses To Sign Divorce Papers
Spouse Refuses To Sign Divorce Papers

Everyone certainly hopes that his marriage will run happily and last until the end of his life. However, problems that exist in the household are often the reason someone wants to end their marriage through divorce. Even so, sometimes there are situations where only one person wants a divorce, while the other wants to keep the household.

Of course, you already know, divorce is the end of a husband and wife relationship from a legal marriage bond according to religious and state regulations. Divorce is considered to be the last way for husband and wife to solve problems in their household. However, what if only the wife wants a divorce, while the husband refuses? Don't be confused, Popbela will discuss what to do when a wife is suing for divorce, her husband refuses.

1. File for divorce

Many think that filing for divorce can only be done when there is an agreement from both parties. In fact, if you have decided that you want a divorce, you can file a lawsuit directly to the Court, either with a divorce agreement or without a divorce agreement from your husband.

2. Write a complete chronology of the divorce

After filing for divorce, you need to write down a complete chronology of your domestic problems. This chronology contains stories about your marriage, starting from the beginning of marriage, the cause of the dispute, until finally deciding to divorce. Write it in detail, clearly, and truthfully so that the judge can easily understand why you want to end your marriage. It can also help your divorce process even if your husband refuses.

3. Prepare valid evidence

The divorce process is quite long, but it can run smoothly if both of them have agreed to separate. However, if the wife is suing for divorce, her husband refuses, then the divorce process will be even more complicated later. Therefore, to facilitate your divorce process, prepare valid evidence regarding their domestic problems. For example, if you want a divorce because of domestic violence committed by your husband, please attach a certificate from the hospital proving that you were injured because of violence from your husband.

4. Have witnesses who can help

In addition to valid evidence, you also need to present witnesses who can strengthen the reasons for your divorce. For example, neighbors who often witness when you are treated badly by your husband. The witnesses will be presented during the divorce trial. In this way, the judge will judge that your marriage can still be saved or that it must be completed at the court table

5. Hire a lawyer

There are many things that happen when a wife sues for divorce, her husband refuses. Starting from the divorce process which is quite tough, complicated, and prolonged. Not to mention if you not only file for divorce, but also custody of children and property, then it is not impossible that this will make the divorce process take longer.

Therefore, there's nothing wrong with asking a lawyer for help to settle your divorce. Even though the costs are quite large, this is a way out when you want a divorce, but your husband is adamant in maintaining your household.

Divorce is a pretty tough matter in the household. Therefore, it is not surprising if there is one party who refuses to divorce his partner. The conditions in which a wife is suing for divorce, her husband refuses, like this, maybe a lot happens in society. Keep the spirit Okay,

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